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Be safe in the heat


You all be safe in this heat the next few days. We’re going to see the hottest temps we’ve seen so far this season (by far!). The humidity will be creeping up each day, too, and that will make it feel even hotter. Our record high for May was set on May 13, 1962 when we hit 91 in Crossville. I don’t think we’ll make 90 degrees on Sunday, but if model trends continue, we may hit 90 on Monday. I’ll keep an eye on that.

We may see some isolated storms pop up Monday, but the better chances of rain will come Tuesday through Friday. We will have a tropical system making its way in our direction and that will bring us some rain. After these hot, dry day we’ll probably need some rain. Plus, rain will wash some of this pollen out of the air.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to got to Petros Joyner Elementary school for career day and it was awesome! I was exhausted afterwards, but it sure was worth it. They had Lifestar folks there, paramedics, firefighters, radio announcers, etc. They even had Bob Kesling come speak to them! It was a good day and I think those kids really enjoyed it all.

Don’t forget my meet and greet in Mayland on Monday at 5:00 at the Senior Center! Come by and say hello and get you a cookie or a piece of my grandma’s homemade cake. I’d love to visit with ya! If you know anyone else who may be interested please pass this along!

You all have a great day and try to stay cool!

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