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More storm chances



Today will be a warm and humid day on the plateau. In these conditions, a shower or storm can pop up at anytime. We should have a drier day compared to the past few days. The main axis of thunderstorm activity will be just to our south, so folks south of Crossville have a better chance for a storm than folks north of Crossville. Still, those chances are lower than they have been the past few days.

Later tonight, a complex of storms will roll out of the Midwest and threaten the plateau. I’m going to have to keep an eye on these because even if they come through here really late tonight, they may still pack a punch. I’ll update you all on this later on today.

Sunday looks unsettled, with more scattered showers and storms, especially the first half of the day. However, if we get some afternoon sun, evening/overnight storms could be quite strong. That’s another situation I’ll just have to keep an eye one. Models have suggested that another complex of storms will move in here Sunday night. It’s debatable if those models are right. I’ll keep monitoring it. If we do get storms Sunday night, they could certainly be strong.

I have a lot to watch and I’ll be doing just that. But, first I have to go out and knock on doors today, looking for support! It’s going to be a hot day to do that but maybe I’ll catch everyone in their air conditioned homes 🙂

You all have a great Saturday!

Today’s storm risk. The slight risk (yellow) is just to our south for the daytime hours of Saturday. Overnight, that threat may shift north.


Today’s weather map. Notice the “action” is to our south, but this may shift north tonight.



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