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Hot as a firecracker!



This afternoon: Heat and humidity


The main threat today will be the heat. You all be careful if you’re out and about this afternoon. Heat advisories have been issued for the Nashville area but those do not extend to us. Never the less. we will be very hot and humid. Limit your time in the sun and drink plenty of water.

Today will be a mostly dry day, although there will likely be at least one storm form somewhere on the plateau this afternoon in this heat and humidity.

Those of you who were outside late last night may have noticed flashes to our southeast. Those weren’t fireworks. Those flashes were distant lightning from thunderstorms in southwest North Carolina! It always amazes me at how far away we can see storms from our plateau. It was also cool that Mars was shining bright red above the flashes.

Storm chances increase tomorrow to about 40-50%. On Friday, we may all get rain, as storms should become quite numerous. Torrential rainfall will be possible with any storm tomorrow or Friday, along with frequent lightning.

Saturday looks like a dry day for most of us, though we can rarely ever rule out an afternoon storm this time of year. Storm chances increase again Sunday to about 50%.


I’ll spend this time talking about two things; the tropics and my grandma.

First of all, the tropics are heating up! We have that one disturbance out in the Atlantic that will stay out to sea. I talked about this yesterday. It now has a 60% chance of developing into a tropical storm. It will, like I said, stay out to sea, so there’s no worries with that one. It’s the orange circled area.

Another area of disturbed weather has been highlighted this morning and it bears watching. It already has a 30% chance of developing and it’s in an area we have to pay attention to this time of year. It’s the yellow-circled area. That storm is at least a week and a half or two away from the U.S., so there’s plenty of time to watch it. If you plans to the beach over the next week, you’re in good shape.


OK, it’s grandma story time! (ha) Those of you who follow me on FB have already seen this, so this is for you all who only follow the blog or don’t have FB.

I have the coolest 4th of July story EVER! My Grandma Lowe is now 87 years young, and the last time she remembers voting was when President Reagan was running for office. So, it’s been a while (ha). When I told her I was running for an office she became very concerned that she wouldn’t be able to vote for me. Understandably, she feared her voter registration had expired. To say that card was expired is the understatement of the millennia! ha

Anyway, on Monday I helped Granny renew her voter registration! That’s right, my 87 year old Grandma, who hasn’t voted in 34 years, will be casting her ballot for yours truly on August 2, at the Rinnie Fire Hall! I am so excited about this, y’all! She said she never thought there would be someone worth voting for again. I asked her if that means I’m the best thing since Reagan and she thought for a minute and said, “I guess we’ll see.” LOL

So, on this Fourth of July holiday make sure you take time to appreciate our freedoms, such as the right to vote. And have a very happy and safe Fourth!

Below, is a picture of Grandma. I also included some pics of her flowers. She LOVES taking care of her flowers and they’re so pretty. The pics don’t do them justice. And the reason Granny has two turkeys is because my brothers were lucky enough to get those and she wanted her pic taken with them so she could tell people she hunted them, to give folks a laugh. Silly, Grandma. ha

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