An unsettled pattern continues



Last night’s storms were certainly nothing to dismiss. Judging by the rotation on a couple of them cells, I’m surprised we’re not cleaning up more than we are this morning. There were some tense moments! FYI. please note that the NOAA radio is down this morning and may be down all day. We think lightning hit the tower.

I started to take off the caution warning on today’s storms but I’ll leave it up there. This atmosphere will support strong storms if they can get going today, especially with all this sunshine heating things up.  Just keep an eye on the radar and another on the sky.  We’ve already seen one storm early this morning and that was when things were much more stable. I am starting to see some activity up in Kentucky and I’ll have to see how this evolves today.

The unsettled pattern continues into next week, with more summer-like scattered showers and storms, mainly in the afternoon/evening.

Another strong cold front may move in Friday, bringing the risk of more big storms. I’ll keep an eye on this as we get closer to Friday.

Below is a map of storm reports from last night. You can see that eastern Middle TN and all of East TN was hard hit.



The NOAA weather radio is down and I had silenced my phone before going to be this morning, so I didn’t hear anything about that random storm we had slide toward us this morning. I’m not sure why that thing fired up but thank goodness it weakened before coming into Cumberland County. It doesn’t sound like it did anything in Putnam or Overton either, thank goodness. It never did look that bad on radar and it’s no wonder. Our atmosphere was surely exhausted after those storms we had last night.

That sure wasn’t the case last night. I did a write up on last night’s storm in a blog post last night. Look that up if you’re interested.

Following last night’s storms, it became very apparent that my Facebook following has outpaced my home set-up for covering storms in the night. And, it became apparent that the EMA Director of Cumberland County and I need to be in the same room when this stuff is blowing up. We had mentioned this possibility a while back but now we are really working on changing things up. We hope to share his office the next time something like this happens. We’ll also likely start doing some Facebook live coverage, as well, when things get really crazy. When the lights go out, sometimes all you have is your phone or tablet. That’s when it could be very useful to have someone live showing you the radar, lightning, live storm reports, live damage reports coming in (or even if there is damage), etc etc. I think this has the potential to be something really good. I would still do updates on FB, of course, but you may have the live option as well.

As for our forecast this coming week….just be aware that each day carries a chance for mainly afternoon showers/storms. They should be more of the scattered, summertime variety but we still have to be mindful of those. They still carry lightning, heavy rain, and gusty winds.

By next Friday, we may do all this all over again. I sure hope not but this crazy pattern may steer another strong storm system (by July standards) right back into our neck of the woods. Hopefully, this will not come to fruition, but keep this in mind if you have outdoor plans next Friday or Saturday. And come back here for updates.

You all have a great Saturday and try to get some rest. I think we deserve an afternoon nap…if Ma Nature allows…

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