Don’t forget the meteor shower!


You see all that brown coloring on Tennessee in the water vapor satellite image above? That’s dry air folks and it’s filtering right into our area from the northwest. This means a pleasant night is ahead and great viewing conditions for the Perseid meteor shower! Go out and look up! The shower peaks tonight and tomorrow night, with up to 50+ meteors an hour. And watch for the fireballs. The Perseids are notorious for producing a few fireballs that can light up the sky. There were several reported across the U.S. last night.

You can go out and look for the meteors at any time now, but they get more and more frequent as the night goes along. Just be patient. Patience is key to enjoying any meteor shower.

The bright red “star” you see in the southeast sky is Mars. It’s always nice to look at.

Have fun meteor watching and let us know if you catch something good! You can also watch the live stream of the event right here


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