The NWS has issued a tornado watch for all of the Cumberland Plateau until 6:00 a.m. There are tornado warnings within this line and you need to take his very seriously.


The NWS had this to say in a statement….

“These storms are looking a bit more robust than we had expected this early in the event which is a sign that instability and shear are coming in a little stronger than models had anticipated. In fact the shear, a key ingredient for tornadoes, is looking extreme.

Given the way storms have already strengthened, and indications that instability and shear may be a bit stronger than expected, we are concerned that the tornado potential may be increasing this evening for the entire area and that we may even see a strong tornado or two in parts of the area (meaning EF2 or greater).  This is not one of those events in which the severe storm threat decreases after the sun goes down – tornadoes will remain possible into the early morning hours as the storms push east of I-65.”

I’m keeping an eye on things!

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