Midday update on winter wx situation

We have some sprinkles out there now. I’ve tried to spot a sleet pellet or snow flake but I have not been successful yet. We will see rain showers increase in coverage as we go through the day. With temps hovering in the mid 30s, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a snowflake mix in from time to time.

The number we always need to focus on in these situations is the dewpoint. That is the temperature you will be if your humidity is 100%. For instance, if it’s raining outside and you see the air temperature is 45 degrees, then you know the dewpoint is 45 degrees. The temperature can never drop below the dewpoint. Never. That is one of the only “nevers” in meteorology.

Our dewpoint right now is 34 and it is creeping ever-so-slowly upward. That means we cannot go below freezing (32) unless that dewpoint drops. That temp won’t drop until a cold front comes through and drops our temp. tomorrow. Therefore, expect a very cold rain today and tonight with no travel problems except for wet roads.

Dewpoints are lower for folks out in West TN and they are dealing with a wintry mix of precip that could accumulate today and tonight. By the time our temps and dewpoints drop enough for accumulation, most of the precipitation will have moved out.

This is the current map showing winter wx advisories, mainly for folks north of I-40 and west of I-65. Remember, I-65 is that interstate that runs north to south through Nashville.


This is the current snowfall accumulation map. Notice we are expecting a dusting, at best. I have a good feeling about us getting a little snow on the ground. Fingers crossed!


And while our chances for accumulation are only 30% on the plateau, that’s better than 0%, right?


And this is the current radar. Notice the mixed precip showing up across West TN. The cold upper level low is just to their southwest, creating a situation where they will likely get up to an inch of snow/sleet. Picture15

You all have a good afternoon! I’ll keep an eye on the weather for ya!

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