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A beautiful Sunday coming!

3 thoughts on “A beautiful Sunday coming!

  1. Really enjoy your updates Mark. I use a Davis Vantage Vue station here at my place. Noticed a big difference in the YTD rainfall. I’m showing 79.05″ and as of right now showing this storm to be 1.46″

    1. Glad you enjoy them, Tim! And I know exactly what you mean about the variations in weather reports across the plateau. I get the weather data I post in this almanac from the Crossville airport. My numbers are always different here at weatherTAP in downtown Crossville and those numbers are always different from my home weather station. This plateau is a unique place with all kinds of varying weather going on all the time. Makes my job interesting! ha

  2. I agree Mark, the variations are interesting. I’m basically at the intersection of Vandever and SR 101, but live down in a gully so winds don’t really hit me so much unless they com from the SW. I love watching the weather and how quickly it changes.

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