A wintry weekend


Main Threats

This morning: slick spots due to areas of mixed wintry precip

Tonight/Sunday morning: hazardous driving conditions possible, with light snowfall

Sunday night/Monday: slick roads from light snow


It’s white at my house this morning!


We’re seeing that first round of a light wintry mix this morning across the plateau. Temps are hovering right around the freezing mark, so be careful if you’re out and about this morning. There could be some slick spots.

This mix will be slow to change to a rain/snow mix as we go through the day. It won’t rain continuously today, and hopefully we’ll be in a break from the light rain when the Crossville Christmas parade starts this evening. Temps will creep just above freezing, sparing us more accumulation today. The Christmas parade continues to look cold and damp.

Tonight, temps fall back down close to freezing. It’s that all-important freezing mark that we’ll be watching tonight. Confidence is high that folks north of I-40 will drop to freezing and pick up some snow accumulation by Sunday morning. Therefore, everyone north of I-40 is under a winter weather advisory for tonight for 1-3 inches of snow. I think folks north of Jamestown have a real shot at getting close to three inches of snow (maybe more?). And yes, I’ll be driving up there in the morning if that happens! (ha)

During the day Sunday many of us should creep back up above freezing, though this part of the forecast is a big question mark. Snow flurries and snow showers will continue and that may mix with rain in the afternoon (maybe). By Sunday night, another disturbance moves in from the north, offering another chance for light snow with light accumulations possible.

On Monday, it all tapers off to flurries. By Tuesday, we begin a warm-up and, believe it or not, we may be talking about t-storms by Friday.


So far, this system is behaving much as we expected. This first round of light wintry precip is falling on us with temps hanging out right around the freezing mark. This light precip will continue all day and I’m not sure it will ever be 100% rain. Never the less, our surface temps should climb above freezing as we go through the day, sparing us additional accumulation.

Tonight remains the trickiest part of the forecast. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if northern Fentress, northern Scott, and all of Pickett County end up under a winter storm warning. It just depends on when that snow can begin to really stick to things. Tonight, all eyes will be on our thermometers, watching that 32-degree line.

For us in Cumberland County, I’d expect snow/rain/sleet with temps right around freezing. I think it was a mistake for the NWS to not put the whole county under a winter wx advisory for tonight but they may change their minds on that. As of now, they just have the advisory for folks in Fentress and Overton Counties, thought the wording says “north of I-40.”

The big question on Sunday is will we warm above freezing? Some of you may not fall below freezing tonight and still be hanging out in the low to mid 30s in the morning. I don’t see us warming up much at all tomorrow and colder air will start to move back in sooner than later.

Sunday night’s system looks weak but it could still put down some light snow. I’m not sure we’ll get much but an inch or two is still not out of the question.


On this day in 1963 a lightning strike caused a jet airline to crash in Elkton, Maryland. All 81 persons on board were killed in the crash. Today, planes are much better equipped to handle lightning and such crashes are extremely rare now.

On this day in 1987, the city of Goodland, Kansas was blanketed with two inches of snow. They had been a spring-like 63 degrees the day before.

In 1938, the temperature at La Mesa, California hit a high temperature of 108 degrees. This set an all-time record high for the month of December for the U.S.

One Year Ago Today

It was cold a year ago today! In fact, we only got to a high temperature of 30 degrees, which means we didn’t even get above freezing. The low that morning started out at 23 degrees. There was no precipitation (or should I say snow?) and the maximum wind gust was only 10 mph.


The Carolinas are still expecting a prolific snowstorm tonight and tomorrow. They could be measuring snow in feet in western North Carolina! I-40 is expected to be impassable tomorrow through the mtns.

I’ll be watching your forecast closely today! I was supposed to have a race this morning in Mt. Juliet but they are currently 35 degrees with light snow and drizzle. I think I’ll sit this one out (ha).

You all have a great day!

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