A wet, mild start to the new year


Main Threats

No major threats in sight. Just be careful around flooded streams and any water that may be across the road.


We’ll see some sprinkles and a passing shower this morning, but the bulk of the day should be cloudy and rain-free. This break from the rain won’t last long, as our next system is already poised to move in tonight. Expect another 0.5-1″ of rain. That rain will be with us through most of our Friday.

Then….. the rain clears out of here and we will be all set to have a beautiful weekend! Be sure and get out and enjoy it!

As you might expect, our next system will be ready to move in soon afterwards. That shouldn’t happen until later Monday, though, and it doesn’t look all that potent at this point.


We may have been nervous about starting a new year in 2000, but we certainly had nothing to worry about in the weather department. By the third of January, Crossville was in the mid 60s, while the rest of Middle TN was in the upper 60s and lower 70s. The new millennium began with a very spring-like start!

Yesterday, I told you about a rare occurrence that happened on January 2nd, 1988. That was when there was an eerie lack of snow cover across the country. Well, on the third of January of 1988 all heck broke loose!

Ma Nature hit the U.S. with a triple threat of winter storms and arctic air. both coasts were experiencing winter storms by the end of this day, just as the central U.S. was being invaded by a dangerously cold arctic blast. Snow and ice in the eastern U.S. would cause $4.5 million in damages to homes and vehicles in North Carolina. In the west, places like Lake Tahoe received two feet of snow. Across North Dakota, the temperature plunged to 30 degrees below zero. The stiff north winds sent wind chill factors plummeting to nearly 100 degrees below zero.

Ma Nature is like a toddler, when she gets quiet you better watch out! ha


Ma Nature wasted no time in getting us our first raindrops of the new year!


Record High: 66 (2004, 2000)

Record Low: 3 (1979)

Sunrise: 6:50

Sunset: 4:39

Day Length: 9 hrs 48 mins 10 secs

Day Length tomorrow: 9 hrs 48 mins 56 secs

One Year Ago Today

On this day last year our high temperature finally reached the freezing mark of 32 degrees. The morning low was a bitter cold 12 degrees. No precipitation fell and the maximum wind speed was 16 mph, which probably felt very chilly!

Skies were mostly cloudy all day.


A big winter storm is striking the southern plains this morning. The system will not bring us any wintry weather, but it has been an interesting storm to watch. This is the storm that looked like would bring us some wintry weather in last week’s model data.

The storm has been a headache for forecasters in Oklahoma. The level of uncertainty was very high but the storm has over performed on wintry weather and they continue to expand the winter storm warnings this morning. They had a scare earlier this winter with a system that they issued winter storm warnings for and nothing happened. It was easy to see their reservations in forecasting this storm, esp after all the bad press from missing the last storm.

The extended outlooks continue to point to a  more wintry pattern for us the second half of this month. Until then, we should expect mild and wet conditions to continue.

You all have a great day!

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