Good news, with reservation

Storms continue to struggle and the severe weather threat for the plateau continues to decline. Now, we are saying showers break out once again and this continuing to keep our atmosphere stable. As of now, there are no severe wx warnings across the state. That certainly wasn’t the case earlier, but storms have really weakened from a couple of hours ago.

Lightning trends on the lightning detection have been on the decline and radar is looking better every hour.

The reservation I have is twofold. For one, we still have a LOT of flooding issues across the region. Many areas are in states of emergency.  Second, we still have gusty winds in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Some of these trees will succumb to these winds and many of us are still facing the threat of power outages.

So, the good news is that our severe weather threat has been significantly reduced, and it looks like we’ve dodged a bullet in that department. The bad news is that we still have widespread flooding and gusty winds that continue to pose very real threats.

I can hear the wind outside now. Be very careful around trees tonight and tomorrow. We’ve already had several fall across the plateau and more will fall tonight and tomorrow.

The latest convective outlook just came out and all of Tennessee has been dropped from anything but a marginal risk for severe weather. That part of the threat appears to be over folks. We just have to worry about flooding and gusty winds.

You all have a good night. Unless it become necessary for me to inform you of something, you won’t hear from me again until Sunday Story time in the morning.