Another active wx pattern coming


Main threats

MONDAY & TUESDAY NIGHT: Unseasonably cold temperatures

THURSDAY: Light wintry mix?

SATURDAY: Strong storms?


Today will be a very wintry day, with mostly cloudy skies and a few snow flurries flying around. It certainly won’t feel much like March. Temps will stay cool tomorrow and Wednesday but at least it’s looking like we’ll have plenty of sunshine. That always makes the cold feel a little bit better.

By Thursday, the weather pattern begins to start changing. Warmer air from the south will begin trying to work its way in here. As that occurs, we often see some light precip develop. If this comes while temps are still below freezing, we could be looking at a light wintry mix the first part of Thursday. It’s too far off to make a big deal out of it just yet, but keep that in mind if you have travel plans for Thursday morning.

After that, warm air starts winning the battle of the season’s again. That also means our pattern will turn wetter. Believe it or not, we may be talking about storms on Saturday, some of which may be a bit rowdy. Like our light wintry mix chance for Thursday morning, this too is a bit far off to get concerned about just yet, but it is something to keep in the back of your mind.


Today is the anniversary of a major busted forecast. On this day in 1909, President Taft was inaugurated. The U.S. Weather Bureau (now known as the National Weather Service) had predicted fair skies. However, a fierce snowstorm moved in and dropped ten inches of wet, slushy snow. Travel and communication were almost impossible. This caused the Weather Bureau to be subjected to MUCH criticism. File that under “Whoops!”.



Record high: 78 (1976)

Record low: 2 (1960)

Today’s sunset: 5:38

Tomorrow’s sunrise: 6:03

Today’s day length: 11 hrs 33 mins 11 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 11 hrs 35 mins 26 secs

One year ago today

This time last year we reached a high of 60 degrees, after a frosty morning low of 29. Skies were fair all day with light winds. A far cry from today, right?


Sky viewing conditions tonight: POOR

Moon phase: Waning Crescent, 4% illumination


Clouds could break later tonight, but it is rather unlikely. Therefore, sky viewing conditions should be quite limited.


The big news yesterday was the tragic tornado outbreak in southern Alabama and Georgia. Unfortunately, it looks like at least 23 people have lost their lives in those storms. Be sure and keep all those folks close to your hearts today.

Below is a map of all the tornado watches and warnings issued Sunday.

D00az-tX0AIRszH.jpg large

Also, as you can see, I have fully returned from my trip to the Kennedy Space Center. Well, “fully returned” may be going a bit far (ha). I’m very exhausted but I’ll be looking through all the interviews, etc and likely will be doing a special blog post at some point this week to give more detail on what I experienced and why exactly we should all care about the new direction our space program is going. We have some very exciting times ahead and I hope you’ll join me in being a part of it!

You all have a great day!


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