Lunch weather update

The current radar shows lots of showers and t-storms across portions of TN. These are moving south, southeast and will only glance the plateau. Never the less, just be aware that you may encounter a shower or storm over your lunch break and into the afternoon and evening. We’ll watch that activity up around southwest Kentucky to see if it holds together to get here this evening. The chance of rain remains at 30-40% for the plateau today.


I also want to take a moment to share with you something Kids on the Rise shared this morning. I recently joined this organization and am so anxious to meet my mentee. This is a wonderful thing we have going for our county. So many of these kids need a positive role model in their lives.

“If anyone in the South part of the county has thought about mentoring, there is a 6th grade girl at Brown who could really use someone to focus some attention on her.”

Just an hour a week of your time can make a huge impact! This is like Big Brothers Big Sisters, but on a local level. Our program is unique to Cumberland County and it’s making a huge impact!

Please contact Pam Burris at 931-459-2388 or go to this website to learn more

You all have a great afternoon!


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