A weekend to keep an eye on the radar


Main threats

WEEKEND: Any storm that develops could be strong to severe, with damaging winds and hail being the main threats through the weekend.


More showers and storms are in store for the plateau today, with some of those having the potential to be strong to severe. Just keep an eye on the weather today and keep that radar handy.

WeatherTAP’s RadarLab (7:00 a.m) shows a complex of storms coming into Kentucky that you’ll have to keep an eye on, followed by that mess back in Kansas. Just stay alert to possible watches and warnings. Right now, there are neither of those but that could change at the day goes along.  I don’t think today will be as rough as last evening was, but stay weather aware none the less.


More showers and storms will be around for Sunday and Monday. It won’t rain all the time, but if you hear thunder you’ll need to move indoors.

We should get a break by next Wednesday and Thursday.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Did you know it can snow on Mars? While Mars’ atmosphere is super thin and can’t hold much moisture, it can hold a little bit at a time. Most of the precip that would fall is frozen Carbon Dioxide. It looks just like little snowflakes falling from the clouds.

Occasionally, clouds can thicken up just enough to produce snow similar to what we would see on earth. On September 28, 2008 the Phoenix Lander too pictures of snow falling from clouds that were 2.5 miles above the landing site. Data collected, however, indicated that the precip vaporized before making it all the way to the ground. We see that happen on earth too, with rain or snow falling from the clouds but evaporating before reaching the ground. We call that virga.


On this day in 1947 a whopping 12 inches of rain fell in only 42 minutes at Holt, Missouri. This established a new world rainfall record!

A young woman in Lubbock, Texas was struck by lightning on this day in 1981. The strike lifted her two feet off the ground, caused her shoes to explode, and tore her warm-ups from her body. She survived but sustained serious injuries.


No almanac available today.

Today’s sunset: 8:00

Tomorrow sunrise: 5:24

Today’s day length: 14 hrs 36 mins 08 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 14 hrs 36 mins 00 secs (NOTE: The days are now getting shorter!)

One year ago today

Approximately 0.18 inches of rain fell. The high was only 79 degrees, after a morning low of 65.


I’m on the road to Florida today! Wish me safe travels! I found this article that you might find interesting about the launch I’ll be seeing Monday.


You all have a great Saturday!


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