8:45 Weather Update

The National Weather Service has issued a severe t-storm warning for a storm near Sparta. Normally, we’d be worried about it but the steering currents are erratic this evening and the storm is moving toward Nashville.

We’re starting to see our pattern influenced by Barry. The main focus of our storms today was the front we had move through yesterday came back as a warm front today. We’re now entrenched in a very warm and soupy airmass that will be with us through the next several days. You’re going to really feel that Gulf air humidity being brought up by Barry.

Barry continues to move through Louisiana this evening and will continue to do so all night. The flooding is expected to be quite extreme in some places.

Below is our current radar. Again, the storms are moving very slowly away from the plateau. Activity should die down as we go into the night and the atmosphere stabilizes. We’ll do it all over again tomorrow! You all have a good evening!


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