Watching for the chance of strong storms this evening


Weather Headlines

–A squall line in the Midwest may threaten the plateau with strong storms this evening (4:00-7:00 pm)

–More unsettled weather will bring off-and-on storm chances this week

–The best rain chances come Thursday & Friday

–The weekend looks hot and humid, with mainly afternoon storm chances

Main threats

TODAY: A line of storms in Illinois this morning may hold together enough to bring us some strong storms this evening. Monitoring.


A line of strong to severe storms is making its way into Illinois this morning. Severe t-storm watches are in place there. That complex of storms will surge southward as we go through the day and toward our direction. The Storm Prediction Center has already placed the northern plateau in the marginal risk for severe storms because of this. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them extend that risk south as the day goes along. Just be aware of this if you have evening plans. I think the time of arrival would be between 4-7:00 p.m. but that could change if the line slows down or speeds up.

Pictured below is the current radar, showing a line of very strong storms moving into Illinois this morning. The big question of the day is will it hold together enough to threaten us with storms later on today? I’ll keep you posted.


We’ll remain unsettled the rest of the week, with more shower and storm chances, mainly in the afternoons and evening.

The best chance for widespread showers and storms will come Thursday and Friday. Some of those storms could be strong, too.

The unsettled pattern continues into the weekend, but with more of an isolated to scattered storm threat.



One year ago today

The high was 81 degrees and the morning low was 69. Rainfall for the day totaled to 0.32 inches.

7-Day forecast



Whew! It was hot in Tennessee on this day in 1983. Nashville hit 101 degrees for a high temperature. Think that’s bad? This would be the first of four straight days in a row for the city to record high temperatures greater than 100 degrees.


I have one graphic that sums up the tropics…..


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Droughts are marked by extended periods of time with deficient rainfall. They are one of the most destructive natural disasters on earth. They are hardest to detect by people in the winter months, when precip might not be as common.

Droughts can also be hard to detect if just enough rain falls in the spring to keep things green on the surface (esp crops), even thought the groundwater supply is diminishing due to insufficient rainfall. When things get dry at the surface later on, the drought often becomes severe very quickly because of sub-surface dry conditions already in place. The rapid and severe drought conditions often catch people off guard.

Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD


A frost-preventive measure used in orchards. The smoke acts like cloud cover and keeps the warmth from the ground from being lost to space (radiational cooling).


The big news yesterday was the news that models are forecasting no tropical development for this month. That would be astonishing. It’s also probably false. One does have to wonder, though. Today, Dr. Bill Gray, a leading hurricane expert in the field rang his bell. Why? He always rings it out loud for students to signal the beginning of the most active part of the hurricane season, a period of time that stretches from August 20 to October 10.

Beginning tomorrow, a new section will be added to the blog that will contain NASA news and/or factoids. Stay tuned for this exciting new addition!

You all have a great day!



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