A new tropical storm and an end to our dry weather


Weather Headlines

–Tropical Storm Chantal has formed out in the Atlantic

–Storm chances have lowered for today

–Rain and storm chances have increased for the weekend

–An end to our dry spell is in sight

Main threats

Any storm that develops over the next several days will be capable of producing frequent cloud-to-ground lightning, gusty winds, heavy rainfall, and small hail. Widespread severe weather is not expected at this time.


Last night, it looked like we would be dealing with another round of strong storms this evening. Now, it looks like the main threat has shifted slightly northward. The Storm Prediction Center has lifted the marginal risk north and into Kentucky. They had that risk across Tennessee last night. That’s good news! Still, you folks from Livingston to Jamestown to Oneida should still be on the lookout for a strong storm, as you are awfully close to that marginal risk. The marginal risk is the lowest of the five severe weather threat categories. The light green shading for the South is the general t-storm area.


While our rain chances certainly look lower today, we’re in for a very wet pattern once the spigot gets turned on. An end to our dry spell is in sight! Scattered to numerous showers and storms set in tomorrow afternoon and evening and will be with us right on through the weekend, as it looks at this point.



One year ago today

The high was only 79 degrees, after a morning low of 68. Just over a quarter of an inch of rain fell (0.26″).

7-Day forecast



On August 21, 1983, the city of Crossville recorded it’s hottest August temperature on record. The high that day was a very sizzling 99 degrees.

Today is the anniversary of two terrible tornado days in Minnesota. In 1883, 31 people died in Rochester from a tornado. In 1918, a tornado killed 36 people in the business district of Tyler.


The tropics offered a bit of a surprise last evening! The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has been monitoring an area of disturbed weather off the East Coast. As it moved away and out to sea, they gave the system a 20% chance of development. So, imagine our surprise when the NHC decided to name the storm Chantal late last night. The storm is barely a tropical storm, with winds of 40 mph.

The storm is well out to sea and moving away, and is expected to take a wild path. The storm will be no threat to land. The “D” you see on the path markers is the anticipation of the storm weakening to a depression.


Another area of disturbed weather is now being monitored that seams to be a copycat of Chantal’s shenanigans (yellow-shaded region).


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

A dust storm can send dust up to a mile up into the sky! Globally, dust storms are the third most dangerous form of weather, leading to car accidents, respiratory distress issues, and other accidents.

Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD


A sudden, heavy fall of rain.

NASA NEWS (new section!)

The first mission that took man to the moon was called Apollo. Apollo 1 burned up on the launch pad, killing the three astronauts on board and nearly derailing the entire project. However, the program continued and by the time Apollo 11 came around, we were landing on the moon.

Now, we’re going back to the moon….to stay. This new program will be called Artemis, named after the goddess twin of Apollo. Once we establish a presence on the moon, we will venture to Mars.


Do you remember what happened two years ago today? I’ll give ya a hint…..


Don’t forget that the next total solar eclipse is coming on April 8, 2024. We’ll have to drive a bit westward to see the total eclipse. As many of you know, nothing compares to the total eclipse. Even 99% just won’t do the experience justice. It’ll be well worth the short drive!

Let’s just hope the weather cooperates. It will be spring and the height of tornado season. How wild would it be if there’s severe weather that day?? Also, notice it goes over Niagara Falls. Can you imagine how crowded it will be there!?


Finally, I had a wonderful time speaking to the Crossville Breakfast Rotary Club this morning! It’s always a joy to talk about NASA and the incredible days that are coming our way thanks to them!


You all have a great day!


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