Afternoon wx update: Storms for us and double tropical trouble in the tropics

We have some storms popping up out there this afternoon and those will likely become more numerous as the day goes along. Some of those could be on the strong side. The Storm Prediction Center has now placed the plateau in the marginal risk for severe storms for this afternoon and evening. Not all of us will see rain, but the ones who do could see some pretty robust t-storm activity. Short-term models show scattered to numerous storms across the plateau after 4:00 pm.

Current radar, showing only isolated storms at this time. Folks down in extreme southeast TN are having a rough storm at this hour. Any of us could see something like that develop at any time.


On another note, the tropics are looking more and more active. Now, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) says the system just east of Miami has a 90% chance of becoming a storm within the next day or two. A reconnaissance airplane will likely fly into the system tomorrow to see what it’s up to. This storm will be named Dorian. The NHC still thinks the system will stay just offshore as it swings north and northeast.

Below is the current satellite of a developing tropical system that will be named Dorian.


Another system to its south and west is getting more organized and will likely develop into a storm, as well (orange-shaded region). It now has a 50% chance of development, which is a HUGE upswing from the 30% the NHC had given it this morning. That would be named Erin. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on….


So, if you have plans that take you to the Southeast Coast or Caribbean over the next week or so you better check the weather forecast and check it often. Double tropical trouble is looking like a pretty darn good bet.


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