Hurricane Hunters find an even stronger Dorian

The 10:00 update from the NHC is out a bit early. Hurricane Hunters have now found maximum sustained winds of 140 mph. Additional strengthening is likely tonight. There have been indications of wind gusts to 150 mph.

The only good news is that the track has been shifted slightly eastward. The NHC reminds everyone that this storm will likely have huge impacts for the greater part of the Florida peninsula. Never focus on the center, as the effects are felt far from that center.



Evacuations have begun. Any travel to the east coast of Florida this Labor Day weekend is discouraged. You certainly don’t want to get in the way of evacuees. One of the areas being evacuated is the Space Coast of Florida.

At this time, the Gulf Coast is completely unaffected and will likely remain so. Just watch out for jellyfish…I’ve heard they’re horrible down there right now! (totally unrelated to the hurricane, of course)

Let’s keep all the folks along the east coast of Florida close to our hearts. The ever-changing forecasts have taken a toll on many of them.

You all have a great night. Step outside if you get a chance. Our skies are so clear and star-filled. I’ve seen a couple of shooting stars. These dark skies, with no light from the moon, are perfect for star gazing.

Good night, everyone. I’ll have a full update in tomorrow morning’s blog.


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