Hurricane Lorenzo just made history

Hurricane Lorenzo just reached cat 5 intensity. He now has maximum sustained winds of 160 mph. This is the first time in recorded history that a cat 5 hurricane has been this far east in the Atlantic. This is truly a remarkable event. The good news is that he is far, far away from any land.

This is a map showing the locations (dots) of every known cat 5’s location in recorded history. Notice how far east Lorenzo is from the westernmost dots.


Lorenzo is also forming especially late in the season, and is one of only a very few storms to do so. Furthermore, it is a bit rare to have multiple cat 5s in a single season, though that stat is less impressive than the others.

Even on the full disk image of the Earth tonight, Lorenzo really sticks out on satellite! That’s the perfect donut-shape clouds in the Atlantic. Again, Lorenzo is far away and will never strike the US. You are seeing a satellite image that has never been seen before, showing a cat 5 that far out in the Atlantic.

sat_fdgoese_ir4enh (1)

Meanwhile, a historic blizzard is hitting Montana tonight. Winds up to 50+ mph and 3-5 feet of snow is falling. This may be the strongest winter storm to ever hit Montana in the month of September. This is a big storm, even for them!

The NWS there issued this statement, “Extreme impacts are possible. Widespread tree damage is possible due to the heavy, wet snow falling onto trees with foliage. Downed power lines are also possible, resulting in widespread power outages.”

Around here, we have this developing drought. September is on track to be the driest on record for both Crossville and Nashville. This comes just one year after the wettest September on record for both cities.

Ma Nature isn’t messin’ around these days! Let’s hope things calm down sooner than later.


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