A Halloween with a Christmas-weather feel


Weather Headlines

–Heavy rainfall and some strong storms are possible this morning

–Temperatures will plummet this afternoon and north winds will become gusty, sending wind chill factors into the 20s and 30s.

–The season’s first hard freeze is expected tonight. Freeze conditions are also expected Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Main threats

THIS MORNING: Possible strong to severe storms and heavy rainfall.

TONIGHT: First hard freeze of the season.


The well-advertised strong cold front will move through this morning. Heavy downpours and some strong storms are possible. That threat should end by noon.

Then, temperatures will plummet. As that is happening, north winds will become gusty. This will lead to wind chill factors in the 30s. By sundown, it will feel more like the temp is in the 20s. Bundle up if you must head out!

The weather looks quite nice after today, with lots of sunshine. Morning lows will be very chilly but at least there will be lots of sunshine.


Not available today.

Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



It was a snowy Halloween on this day in 2014! That was when more than two inches of snow fell across parts of the plateau. Areas south of Crossville had 2.2 inches of snow!

I remember another Halloween when I was kid when it snowed. It must have been 1992 or 1993? It was too cold for trick-or-treaters and we had snow all over our Jack-O-Lantern.

Today’s WeatherTAP WeatherWORD

High pressure system

An area where more air has been added overhead than in surrounding areas. That accounts for higher barometric pressure. Typically, air enters at higher altitudes, sinks, and exits at ground level. The sinking motion causes warming and drying, leaving clear sky often over the high pressure (aka anticyclone) area.


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

The highest barometric pressure ever recorded was 1083.8 millibars in Agata, Russia on December 31, 1968. This is equivalent to the pressure you would feel being 2,000 feet below sea level!

Naturally, as you increase in altitude the barometric pressure becomes lower, as there is less of the Earth’s atmosphere above you to weigh you down.

NASA Knowledge

I’m on the road to Wallop’s Island today! Wish me safe travels!

Meanwhile, NASA has gotten into the holiday spirit with a very spooky image of the sun!

The image is from 2014 and was taken in ultraviolet light by the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite. Try not to get too scared!



I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Judy Tippy’s retirement party that we had yesterday. After more than two decades with the company, Judy is stepping into the world of “takin’ it easy.” We wish her all the very best!

Check out that beautiful cake, though! Good job, Food City! Judy loves flowers and this was perfect.

image (1)

You all have a great Halloween!


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