Roller Coaster Temps

Forecast_Template - 2019-11-23T072134.317

Weather Headlines

–Temps will fall this afternoon, with brisk west winds

–Rain will taper off later today

–More unsettled weather for next week

Main threats

No widespread hazardous weather is expected.


After a mild start to the day, look for temps to fall this afternoon. Those temps will fall with brisk west winds, making it feel even cooler. The good news is that the west winds will bring in drier air. This will help end the rainfall.

Clouds will be slow to leave us and look to hang around for the next week. Sure, we’ll see some sun from time to time, but the clouds will rule the weather pattern.

At this time, I’ve left Thanksgiving dry. I may have to add a shower in later outlooks. For now I’ll be optimistic and just leave it cloudy. The good news is that no significant rain makers are in sight for the next week, and no significant wintry precip is in sight either.


Forecast_Template - 2019-11-23T072455.787

Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

Forecast_Template - 2019-11-23T071949.779


Severe storms produced a tornado near Hurricane Mills (west of Nashville) on this day in 1983. The F-1 tornado injured one person. Remember, the secondary peak of tornado season is November for the South.


Tropical Storm Sebastien is a bit stronger today, with winds of 65 mph. The storm is still expected to remain below hurricane status, as it spins off into the open Atlantic. By Monday morning, the system will be threatening the Azores.


You all have a great Saturday!


Forecast_Template - 2019-11-23T071949.779

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