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Afternoon wx update on Thanksgiving travel

A very active weather week is in store for much of the country. Anyone with travel plans needs to closely monitor the weather this week. The worst of the week’s weather should stay north and west of the plateau, but we may get in on some strong thunderstorms this coming weekend. I’ll have to monitor that closely.

One glance at the winter weather map below and you can see that there’s a lot of action out there. The central plains are gearing up for a heck of a winter storm for tonight and tomorrow. The pink is winter storm warnings and the blue is winter storm watches. Six to 10 inches of snow and winds up to 40 mph are expected across this swath.


The NAM model shows the snow developing tonight. (71)

The mountains of California are lit up with winter storm warnings too. What a storm that will be! That will eventually be the catalyst for our weekend weather. The NWS for the coast of Oregon has this to say about their incoming storm, “A highly unusual, rapidly deepening Pacific storm system is expected to make landfall on the southern Oregon coast Tuesday evening. This surface low pressure, potentially one of the deepest recorded in recent memory, will produce very strong winds across the region, particularly at the coast, over the area ridgelines, and in the valleys…”

That system will move east and bring more wintry weather to the central US, and rain and storms to the South by the weekend.

As for our local weather, I think we’ll be alright, for the most part, for the week. We have some wind to watch out for tomorrow evening and night but that’s the greatest threat until Saturday. I’m not sure the strongest storms will be able to thrive around here on Saturday, but I’ll have to watch it. That is a very strong system and those always have to be watched this time of year. That system will be followed by another arctic punch of cold air. Until then, temps will remain quite mild.

I’ll be watching it all!

Weather Update-DL3_091518_JT-01


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