Severe t-storm in Overton County

As I mentioned in the last post, we are in the marginal risk for severe storms until midnight. One such storm is now moving into southern Overton County from Putnam County. The storm will stay south of Livingston. That storm is severe, with winds of up to 60 mph. It is moving northeast toward Jamestown. I’m not sure it will survive that long.

For now, you folks in rural southern Overton County need to be advised that damaging winds could be headed your way. You folks in Jamestown need to keep an eye on this storm, just in case it holds together long enough to make it there.

This is the only severe storm on radar at this time. We remain under no watches and none are planned.

As you can see, this storm is riding the warm front boundary, which is giving it just an extra boost to become stronger. This storm will not affect Cumberland County.


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