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The line of storms that prompted the issuance of our first tornado watches of the new year has now moved east of the area.

Cumberland, Fentress, Overton, and Putnam Counties are now in the clear.

That Crab Orchard storm was intense and nearly produced a tornado. That storm is being watched closely as it moves away from our area. Again, it is out of Cumberland County.

While tornado watches remain for Cumberland County until 8:00, I expect that watch to be dropped soon. The watch was for that line of storms.

I know there’s some wind damage around the area but we got off lucky this time, folks. Many lives have been lost across the South to severe storms today and yesterday. We had ideal wind shear for tornadoes and if our storms could have gotten strong enough to tap into that we would have certainly had a tornado outbreak.

Look for rain to continue for several more hours (off and on).


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