Rain, wind, and flurries


Weather Headlines

–Rain and wind will increase tonight

–Snow flurries possible Saturday morning

Main threats

Gusty winds tonight could lead to some sporadic power outages across the plateau. Wind gusts to 30 mph are possible, with the highest elevations seeing gusts a bit stronger than that.

Snow flurries and snow showers Saturday morning may create some slick spots on area roadways.


Clouds will be on the increase for our Thursday, with some sprinkles and light showers possibly coming out of those clouds as early as this afternoon.

Tonight, both the wind and the rain will be on the increase. Wind gusts to 30 mph are possible.

As the system moves out Friday night and Saturday morning, some light snow showers and/or snow flurries could fall across the plateau. Accumulations, if any, should stay around a dusting, as things look right now.

The next system moves in by the middle of next week with more rain showers and milder temperatures.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



Do you think it’s been cold around here the past few days? Think again. On this day in 1971 the temperature at Prospect Creek, Alaska plunged to 80 degrees BELOW zero. This is the coldest reading of record for the United States.

Thirsty Thursday

Frozen water is nearly 10% lighter than water. This is why ice floats.

For most other substances, becoming frozen makes them heavier and more dense, which causes them to sink.

If ice didn’t float, fish would be killed whenever bodies of water froze over.

NASA Knowledge

NASA has approved the first 16 science experiments and technology demonstrations to be delivered to the Moon under the Artemis program. The payloads are scheduled to fly next year. These deliveries will help pave the way for a Moon landing in 2024.

When we occupy the Moon, payloads like this will resupply the bases where astronauts stay. I compare this to sending up payloads to the International Space Station to resupply them with necessities and more science experiments from time to time.

Wx Hazards Across the Nation



The next MASTER Science class for kids is tonight! It’s hard to believe it’s already here. We’ll be discussing what I learned on this last NASA Social to Wallops, where I learned all about the latest research into winter storms. It should be a fun class! Remember, you must be registered to attend.


You all have a great day!


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