Afternoon Snow Update (1:30)

The snow is just about over, folks. It looks like snowfall totals range from 1-3 inches across much of Cumberland County. I think a swath from Mayland to Fairfield will be the snow winners this time around, with as much as three inches falling there. That’s those “localized higher amounts” we always mention.

I just saw some pictures from southern Cumberland County of about an inch or so. I measured 1.5 inches on my car a while ago.

It looks like Fentress County has 0.5-1 inch, from what I can tell.

I have reports from Cookeville of zero inches there. Their temperature seemed to hug the 33-34 degree mark during the event. Our temp in Crossville is still 32 degrees. We stayed around 31 degrees for much of the event.

As soon as the snow stops roads will improve more. Main roads in Crossville are clear and remained in good shape during the snow, thanks in large part to pretreatment.

It’s a pretty snow! I love the way it lays on the trees.

Please be careful if you’re out tonight. Low temps will drop into the mid teens and any slush or water on the roads will surely freeze. Be aware of that.

You all have fun in the snow!


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