Baldwin’s Stormy Wx Blog for Thurs., March 12

A Weather-Aware Day and Night


Weather Headlines

Strong to severe storms threaten the plateau

A very wet pattern emerges

Main threats

Strong to severe t-storms will threaten the area this evening, mainly after 6:00 pm. Isolated storms in the afternoon may produce severe weather, especially west of the Cumberland Plateau. Remain weather-aware today for the latest developments. Pay attention to the weather beginning at noon today for the latest on how the situation is evolving.



Flooding may become an issue over the next week, as wave after wave of rainfall moves through the area. Some of that rainfall may be quite heavy.


Look for partly to mostly cloudy skies to be with us through the day. If we see some afternoon sun, that will only work to destabilize the environment and increase our severe weather risk. I’ll keep a close eye on things and I will update this blog just as soon as any new data or information becomes available.

Tonight, a squall line should move through. This line of storms will carry the risk for damaging straight-line winds. An isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. The main threat looks to be after 6:00 pm this evening. Stay tuned for timing updates.

Friday may start out with some showers, but the bulk of the day is looking partly to mostly cloudy. Then, a series of disturbances will begin moving through on Saturday. That wet pattern will persist for many days. Is Lowes having a sale on Ark wood yet? Asking for a friend.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



Today is the anniversary of the beginning of the Blizzard of ’93! This was the Friday that the snow began in the afternoon. Schools let out early across the plateau. By the evening of March 12, the ground was beginning to get white.

Thirsty Thursday

A typical fair-weather cumulus cloud can hold up to 500 tons of water. Hard to imagine, right? A storm cloud may hold as much as much as one million tons of water!

You all have a great day and stay weather-aware


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