A loud morning in Texas

It’s a loud morning across parts of Texas! The Lubbock, Texas area has been slammed by prolific lightning-producing storms. Notice how that area sticks out like a sore thumb on the lightning detection maps. If I told you that Lubbock, Texas was getting a lightning strike every few seconds could you find that city on this map? Sometimes geography is easy! ha


WeatherTAP’s RadarLab Local shows strong to severe storms and very frequent lightning in that area. This is only lightning over the past 10 minutes! Remember what the saying is….When thunder roars, go indoors. Hopefully, everyone near these storms has done just that.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif - 2020-03-17T101413.858

Unfortunately, this same area is at an enhanced risk for severe storms for tomorrow. The only difference with tomorrow is that the tornado threat will be higher in this part of Texas.

Meanwhile, Wyoming is under blizzard warnings for tomorrow night. They could get nearly a foot of snow with 50 mph winds. Can you tell it’s March?

In the picture below, the pink represents blizzard warnings and the blue is winter storm watches. This is going to be quite the winter storm for that area.


This is ALL a part of the big storm system that will be moving through here by Friday. There will be plenty of cold air to the north and plenty of warm air to the south. That collision could spell some t-storm trouble for us by Friday morning. Following that front, that colder air from the snow-covered grounds of the northern plains could easily bring us frost and light freeze conditions.

It’s March and that means we just have to buckle up and be ready for whatever the weather roller coaster brings our way!



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