Baldwin’s Wx Blog for Sat., April 4

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Weather Headlines

An unsettled pattern for next week

Frost likely by week’s end

Main threats

There are no significant weather hazards expected over the next seven days.


We’ll see clouds around today and tomorrow, but the bulk of the weekend will be dry for many of us. I can’t rule out a shower or three across the plateau this weekend, but it is certainly nothing for you to cancel any outdoor plans over. Get outside and enjoy this beautiful spring weather.

Rain chances may tick up a bit on Monday, but it still looks like Tuesday will bring our better rain chances. Still, not all of us will get rain, as it looks right now. That front hangs around through the end of the week, in various forms, which will keep a shower chance in the forecast.

A much cooler shot of air arrives the end of next week, bringing another good chance for frost (Dogwood Winter?).


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Wx Hazards Across the Nation

A pair of winter storms will drop up to four feet of snow in the central and northern portions of the mountains in California this weekend. Meanwhile, a rather benign frontal system drapes across the middle of the country, bringing showers for many. T-storms are likely on the southern flank of that front from Arkansas and points south.



On this day in 1973 Sandia Crest, New Mexico measured 95 inches of snow on the ground. That is a record for the state of New Mexico.

A decade later, Colorado would find themselves in the midst of a three-day snowstorm. Buckhorn Mounain, near Fort Collins, measured 64 inches of snow!

Saturday Snow Day

Earth is not the only planet that gets snow. Scientists discovered snow falling around the North Pole of Mars back in 2008. The snow, however, vaporized before reaching the ground. We call that virga here on Earth (precip evaporating in dry air before reaching the ground).

Interestingly, it appears that it snows on the South Pole too but that snow is frozen carbon dioxide. This snow makes it to the ground and accumulates. We refer to this as “dry ice”. Mars is the only planet known to have dry ice snow.

NASA Knowledge

Each weekday at 3:00 pm Astronaut Christina Koch will read a children’s book on Instagram live! Just find her at

Now, here’s something that’s pretty darn neat, too! Be a part of the Apollo 13 mission, these 50 years later, by going to this link There is some REALLY cool stuff in there! Check it out and take the kids along!

Weather News

This was a graphic created by the NWS Sacramento for this weekend’s storm. Those mountains are in for a heck of a snowstorm!


Baldwin’s Clip-of-the-Day (New Section!)

This is Cyclone Harold. He’s waaaayyyyy over near Australia. Actually, he’s northeast of Australia and moving northward. He organized quite well yesterday, as this impressive satellite imagery shows. Notice the eye as it develops. Wow! (7)

You all have a great day!

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