Chattanooga Tornado Storm Survey

The National Weather Service in Morristown has found damage equivalent to an EF-3 tornado near Chattanooga. This is preliminary survey information tweeted from the field by the NWS Morristown. The survey is still ongoing. NWS Morristown, “As the survey continues in Hamilton County, we’ve found major damage in East Brainerd. Looks like EF-3 damage with winds near 145 mph.”

At the time of this warning, a tornado emergency was issued for Chattanooga. This is the first tornado emergency ever issued by the NWS Morristown. A tornado emergency is a step above a regular tornado warning and implies that a confirmed tornado is moving into a heavily populated area. Tornado emergencies are rarely issued by any weather service office, so there’s a good reason many of you have never heard of them. Remarkably, eight tornado emergencies were issued across the South yesterday and last night.



Pictures of some of the EF-3 tornado damage. Winds are currently estimated to have been around 145 mph. Our hearts go out to all.

Aerial view of East Brainerd. What a disaster.


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