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Snow? Well, sorta.

Am I tracking a band of snow across Middle TN on the afternoon of the 14th of April? Well, it certainly looks like it! Well, at least aloft. The air here at the surface is awfully dry, so much of this isn’t reaching the ground. Never the less, there have been snow flurries reported in various places as this passed over. Below is the radar at 3:25, showing that band of precip moving across the Midstate. This is that chance of snow flurries/sprinkles I had forecast for this evening. It looks like it’s moving in a bit early. You’ll likely notice a darker sky to the west soon, as this gets closer. Let me know if you see any flakes!


Also, keep in mind that the radar’s beam increases in altitude as it leaves the radar site in Nashville. That’s why precip closest to Nashville is green for rain. The farther out and higher up that beam goes, the icier the precip gets. It’s VERY cold just up off the surface. In fact, it’s so cold aloft that snow flakes would probably make it to the surface before melting in our 40-something degree temperatures. The dewpoint is in the mid 30s, so if this tries to fall to the ground, temps will easily fall into the upper 30s as it passes over. Nashville fell to 41 degrees at their 3:00 update as this passed over them.

After this clears through, skies should slowly clear out overnight. It’s possible clouds will be stubborn and hold on for much of the night. That would keep temps in the lower 30s. If skies clear, we’ll drop in the upper 20s.

So, tracking storms one day and snow a couple days later. That wouldn’t be unusual in the winter time but this is April! As I always say, you just never know what you’re going to get around here this time of year!


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  1. Spitting snow in Crossville near the airport at 6:30 pm

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