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Hurricane Iota now a historic cat 5 (special Monday morning post)

The National Hurricane Center has now upgraded Hurricane Iota to a historic cat 5 status, with maximum sustained winds of 160 mph. This is the first cat 5 of the 2020 season and the latest cat 5 on record for the Atlantic.

This marks five hurricane season in a row with at least one cat 5 hurricane. Just unbelievable.

The last time we had a cat 5 in November was the Cuba Hurricane of November 8, 1932

This is also the first time on record that we have had two major hurricanes in the Atlantic basin in the month of November.

While we certainly need to keep these folks close to your hearts, we need to consider helping, as well. If you feel so moved, I encourage you to visit and find out how you can help. Samaritan’s Pure is already sending field hospitals to help out and they are going to be so precious to see for those folks who will need their services. This isn’t being called a humanitarian crises for Nicaragua and Honduras, it’s being called a humanitarian catastrophe.

Pictured below is Hurricane Iota. Beautiful to be seen from above, a nightmare to be experienced underneath.

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