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Coldest Night of the Season (12/1/20)

Under clearing skies and calming winds, temperatures will drop quickly after dark. For those of us with some snow on the ground, overnight lows could easily drop into the 15-20 degree range. Even without snow, temps will easily fall to around 20 degrees for the rest of you.

Those clear skies will allow for some nice Moon viewing….if you can stand the cold! The coldest nights often offer the clearest skies and best views of that night sky. It’s just so dang cold! (ha)

Make sure your outside fur babies are warm and sheltered. Make sure your plumbing is ready for this cold, too. It’s been a while since we’ve been this cold.

A slight warming trend begins tomorrow, with temps climbing to around 40 degrees.

The next chance for wintry weather arrives Friday night. Confidence in that forecast is really low at this time. Hopefully, as more date comes in tomorrow I’ll have a clearer picture of how that system will evolve. Stay tuned.

You all stay warm! And don’t forget those outdoor fur babies!

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