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Lots of questions about Christmas Star

The “star” is out! It’s actually not a star…it’s Jupiter. Some of you are asking questions and that’s what I’m here for!

In my last post I said to look for the conjuncture after sunset but before Jupiter sets. Jupiter sets at about 6:45. This Christmas Star is just Jupiter covering up Saturn. Look just above where the sun set this evening and you’ll see it. You’ll see a bright “star” (Jupiter) and a little bitty “star” (Saturn) right beside it. This is the closest they’ve been to each other in 400 years and the closest they’ve been to each other at night in 800 years. They get close to each other, though, every 20 years.

It’s not a beaming light from the Heavens like the posts you saw shared on Facebook. lol Leave the sunglasses in the house.

Also, some of you are commenting on how red it is. If you’re seeing a red “star” to the east of the Moon you’re seeing Mars. It’s almost overhead and to the left of the Moon (if you’re facing south). It’s a beauty but what you’re probably wanting to see is Jupiter, which is much lower on the western horizon.

And that Moon…it’s so pretty tonight.

Regardless of what you think of the conjuncture, that sunset was absolutely beautiful on the farm!

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  1. Went up to the Overlook at Black Mountain and had a great view. Very cool! Thanks.

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