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A stormy end to the year for the Deep South

Some of you have asked me if I thought there would be a severe weather threat for our area on Thursday. I can certainly understand that, with temps getting into the mid 60s tomorrow. That can certainly be dangerous this time of year. Much of the concern, however, stems from a “weather” Facebook page that is notorious for dramatic weather posts.

There is a threat for some powerful thunderstorms on Thursday but they are expected to stay south of Tennessee. Yes, we have warm temps, but there’s so much more involved with severe weather. The best atmospheric conditions for such weather will be found down in Louisiana and southern Mississippi and southern Alabama. The folks in Hunstville, Alabama aren’t even sure the severe storms will even make it to them.

I’m not saying we won’t have a thunderstorm or two around, but widespread severe weather is certainly not in the cards for us this go around.

Similar “weather” sites have been talking about a blizzard coming January 3rd. It’s not. These sites look at model data two or more weeks out and then make dramatic forecasts based on that data. I cautiously forecast snow 48 hours out, but much less more than 300 years out.

If you see a site that has terrible grammar, excessive use of explanation points, or has a history of being terribly inaccurate you should probably not share that site’s material. It’s one thing to be entertained by the post, it’s another thing to actually share that post. That’s what they want you to do.

Back in March, some folks on the plateau lost everything, including loved ones, in one of the worst tornadoes to ever strike the plateau. When you share posts claiming that we will have tornadoes, and you’re pretty sure that’s not true, then you just contributed to a very sad problem and one that causes unnecessary panic for people who are still hurting. You can’t stop these groups from posting bad information, but you can help stop the spread of that information.

Some folks asked me about these recent posts and every one of them started their inquiry by stating, “I know you haven’t said anything, but I heard…….”. It’s odd to me that folks think I would get some sort of satisfaction by not warning you all that severe weather was coming. And how little would anyone have to know me to think I wouldn’t say anything if I thought it was going to snow? (ha!)

I’m not saying I’m perfect but I can assure you that I try my very best and I have nothing but you all’s safety on my mind all the time. I am a degreed meteorologist and I worked very hard for that education. The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency then trusted me to work for them. And listen, if NASA thinks I can be trusted to cover rocket launches don’t you think that means something, too? haha

You all take care. I sure do appreciate you following the blog and for trusting me with your forecast. It means a lot!

2 thoughts on “A stormy end to the year for the Deep South

  1. Around our house we check some weather sources and then someone will ask “ what does Mark say” As the final word on the prediction. We count on you … thanks for all you do!

    1. Haha! Thanks, Bill. I appreciate that!

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