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Update on Thursday’s storm potential

Good evening, everyone. I thought I would briefly update you on Thursday’s storm potential. As you know from this morning’s blog, there is some concern for strong to severe storms in our area on that day and/or night. Today’s data makes the event a bit more concerning, though it still does not look nearly as ominous as it does for our neighbors to our south. In other words, this could be a repeat of the last severe weather event, when Alabama was hit so hard by severe storms.

Just because so many of us here lucked out with that event, that does not mean we’ll be so lucky this time around. But, we can certainly hope we all dodge another storm bullet this week.

One thing that is more concerning with this event than with the last event is the potential for damaging straight-line winds. There is a lot of wind energy with this system and that could spell trouble if a squall line develops in our area. Guidance also came in stronger today with heavy rain potential. I’ll keep an eye on that, too.

I should also note that a stronger cold front comes in behind this big storm system and we are certainly liable to see frost by Sunday night. It’s even possible snow could fall over in the Smokies that night!

March is a month that tends to remind us that we should stay ready for severe weather. Order that weather radio right now at and it may even arrive by Thursday. If you need help setting it up just let me know! You may also find them at Walmart and other retail stores, if they’re not sold out, but many of us just prefer to hit the order button on Amazon and let things come to us (ha).

Also, remember to get a helmet. Those can be found here in 18 different colors at

And the whistles I’ve mentioned before can be found here If you’re wearing a whistle it can be easier to find you when you blow it. Other family members may be able to more easily find you, as well, should you become separated. I like the neon ones because they are easier to see.

For power outages, I highly recommend a portable charger, such as this one I have used mine more times than I can count, especially when travelling. It has also been very useful during power outages, when it seems my phone is always dead! (ha) These are really good for the kids too. They can still play games on their phone when the power is out, with no worry of running their battery down.

As for first aid kits, if you don’t have time to put one together, or you just want to buy one that’s ready to go, I found this one on Amazon at It’s inexpensive but seems to have the gist of what you need.

It’s always good to review your plan. This is spring and bad storms will threaten. The more ready you are, the less scared you are.

I’ll keep you posted on Thursday’s storms and I’ll give you more tips in the coming days, should severe storms look more likely for that day. Just keep all this in mind when making plans that day.

I will leave you with this nice checklist I found online today. Go through it and see how ready you are, just in case those skies turn stormy on us again this week, or any week to come this spring and summer!

You all take care and enjoy this nice evening we have!

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