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Special Statement issued at 3:30 Wednesday

I will be issuing a special blog post this evening at 7:00 pm. I want you all to plan to read that and encourage your family and friends to do so, as well. Severe probabilities continue to increase and the likelihood of a tornado outbreak across Middle Tennessee and possibly the Cumberland Plateau is looking more likely with each round of new data coming in. We are now in the enhanced risk for severe storms, with the moderate risk just to our southwest. This is the highest risk we’ve seen for our area in quite some time. More data is still coming in, so hopefully things will start looking a bit better. The trends all day today have not been going in a good direction for us at all. I’ll be working on that update coming at 7:00.

It is best to keep this in mind when making plans for Thursday afternoon and evening.

Below is a reminder of the risk categories. Again, all of the plateau is now in the enhanced risk, with the moderate risk right up to White County now. The Storm Prediction Center does advise that increasing probabilities may come in later outlooks and a rare high risk will likely be issued for parts of Mississippi, Alabama, and southern Middle Tennessee.

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