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This is my favorite part of an event. The ALL CLEAR. All watches are now cancelled for our area.

Many of you were like me and pretty nervous about today. Many of you commented that it “felt like a tornado kinda day.” There’s a reason for that… was a tornado kinda day that didn’t…well….tornado. Well, it didn’t tornado for us. If you pray, I strongly recommend you thank your God we got off as well as we did again. There’s little explanation for why things didn’t get worse here.

The storms in Alabama today were fierce. They were so fierce that a lot of that action stole our thunder, so to speak. I hate to see Alabama go through what they’ve gone through this month but they’ve saved our tails twice now in as many weeks!

I want to thank ALL the new followers of this blog. I welcome you!

I reminded myself that it’s only March. I wonder what the rest of spring holds, especially considering we usually have more severe weather in April and May than we do March. Perhaps we’re getting it over with early? Let’s hope!

You all take care and sleep well. Thank goodness we all still have our homes and lives. Remember that there are folks just to our south who have lost a lot today. Let’s keep them close to our hearts. Even as I type this I’m seeing a devastating tornado moving into the Atlanta metro right now. What a heartbreaking radar image.

We have been lucky once again, folks. Lucky, indeed.

6 thoughts on “ALL CLEAR

  1. Thank you again for everything my friend. Get some rest. You have certainly earned it.

  2. Thank you Mark.

  3. You do a great job Mark. Thank you

  4. Once again, Mark – THANK YOU for watching out for us! You’re the best.

  5. Thank you so much for keeping us updated and safe!

  6. Thank u Mark for keeping us updated!

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