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All Clear at 7:20 p.m.

The tornado watch has been allowed to expire. A new watch was issued for areas to our east and south but did not include Cumberland or Fentress county. We can sleep well tonight.

The severe storm that moved through southern Cumberland county earlier produced hail, very gusty winds, and very heavy rainfall. Throughout the evening, we had five separate storms move through southern Cumberland county that all showed various degrees of weak rotation. We also had a rotating thunderstorm move through extreme northern Fentress county early in the afternoon. It’s quite remarkable that today turned out as well as it did. We best be thankful.

Rain will continue for the night, off and on. Be careful if you must be on the roads. I’m sure some roads have lots of standing water.

Much of tomorrow is looking cloudy, with falling temps. By Sunday evening another system moves in and we’ll see rain showers transition to snow showers. Light accumulation of snow is certainly possible. More snow is possible Thursday (stay tuned!). What a wild weather ride! You see how so many of us are weather nerds? ha!

I was thrilled to see so many churches offer their basements for shelter this evening. I’ll have to do a better job of finding out who will be able to do that in future events. So many folks live in mobile homes and may need to seek better shelter.

WordPress tells me that over 40,000 hits have been made to my site today. That is humbling! What’s even more humbling is hitting over half a million total views for the blog since it started in mid 2017. Nearly 300,000 visitors have been recorded at this site! That is so unreal! Meanwhile, my YouTube page is absolutely taking off. I can’t wait to step up my game on that site this year! Be sure and subscribe if you haven’t already!

So, thank you. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for telling others about me. This is my passion and without an audience…well, it would be pretty sad to just send myself a blog post every day. LOL

You all take care.

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3 thoughts on “All Clear at 7:20 p.m.

  1. Thank you for walking us through this. It is very much appreciated.

  2. Thank you for keeping us updated on the storm today. Happy New Year to you and your entire family!

    1. Happy New Year to you, too, Loretta!!

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