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Saturday Night Weather Update

Good Saturday evening, everyone. I just wanted to let you know that tonight’s forecast is still on track. We’ll see some light snow showers develop overnight. Snow should stay light and if any should accumulate it should stay under an inch of accumulation. There are currently no advisories in effect for our region, but I would still be very careful if you have to get out early in the morning. As always, it doesn’t take much wintry weather to case slick spots on the roads.

Pictured below is a radar simulation. This particular model keeps all the precip rain (green) but that model is currently overestimating surface temps, so much of this will likely fall as light snow. The radar simulation begins at 11:00 pm tonight and then moves in one-hour increments to 4:00 Sunday afternoon. Most, if not all, of the precip should be over by noon.

You all take care!

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