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Big Weather Changes Coming Friday

First of all, Thursday is looking really good. Afternoon high temps should climb to near 60 degrees, with partly cloudy skies. Get outside if you can. Much of Friday is looking good, too. Then, the bottom falls out from under us Friday night. And that bottom is gonna fall hard, folks!

The latest data coming in continues to increase our snow chances for late Friday night and Saturday. Timing is still a question mark, but right now it’s looking like snow will hold off until after midnight. Still, I’ll fine-tune the timing as we get a bit closer. That timing can always change by three or more hours either way.

Don’t let high temps on Friday fool ya! Those afternoon highs in the 60s will fall like a rock by midnight. By Saturday morning, temps will be in the lower 20s and snow should be falling.

Some of the snow could actually fall heavy at times. The latest guidance suggest that 4 or more inches of snow could fall, with at least about half of that actually accumulating once ground temps cool. Those of you in heavier bands of snow might even pick up a bit more than that! Is this winter’s last stand? It certainly may be!

This could very well be our last snow of the season, so be sure and enjoy it! haha I’m not sure we’ll get enough snow to impact tree limbs. It doesn’t take much heavy, wet snow to break tree limbs that have rising sap levels. I’ve seen a lot of branches break with only a couple inches of heavy, wet snow on them this time of year.

My snow scale is found below. I was tempted to go with “high” confidence. If data continues to trend the way it did today, my confidence will be high by Thursday morning. As always, isolated areas of heavier snow are certainly possible.

By Sunday, afternoon temps will be near 50 degrees. By Monday we’ll climb to near 60 degrees. Such is March.

You all take care!

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