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Tuesday Evening Weather Update

WHAT: Strong to severe thunderstorms

WHEN: Noon to 6:00 pm Wednesday

MAIN HAZARD: Damaging straight-line winds/isolated tornado


A warm, humid and unstable airmass is expected to develop across the plateau by Wednesday afternoon. As this is happening, a cold front will begin moving across the state. This combination in April almost always means we need to be weather-aware.

In past events this spring, we had the ingredients for severe weather in the atmosphere above, and we even had warm temperatures here at the surface, but we didn’t have the surface moisture. The air was too dry for severe storms. On Wednesday, we’ll have the surface moisture and warmth, but the atmosphere above is a bit “meh” for severe storms.

It’s not very often that everything comes together just perfect for severe weather. Never the less, there are enough ingredients in place to lead us to be weather-aware. I’d say we have about a 50/50 shot at severe weather on the plateau Wednesday.

With that being said, things are such here at the surface that any severe storm that can form will have the potential to produce damaging winds, which could even include winds associated with a tornado.

Storm Prediction Center (SPC)

The SPC maintains a slight risk for our area, though the enhanced risk is just off to our south.

Notice how close the enhanced risk is. This means areas of the southern half of Cumberland County will likely have a better chance at severe storms than areas of northern Cumberland County and Fentress County. Still, we ALL need to be weather-aware just the same.

Severe Weather Safety

Keep in mind that I have a link for severe weather safety tips at and weather radio information at

Daily Hazards

I’ll give you all a sneak peak at tomorrow’s weather hazards graphic. This is my newest graphic and it’s getting good remarks!


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Final Word

Make sure you’re following the blog to get updates sent to your inbox. Just look for that “Follow” button, which is usually in the lower right corner of your screen. If you have an Android device look for the Meteorologist Mark app in your Google Play Store. It’s free and will keep you updated.

I’ll keep a close eye on things tomorrow. Look for my full update, with all the latest data, first thing in the morning!

You all have a nice evening!

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