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8:40 Weather Update

The line of storms has sped up and will arrive a bit earlier. Storms should be nearing the western borders of Cumberland and Fentress Counties by 9:15. The good news with them speeding up is that they’ll be out of here quicker.

The line of storms is continuing to move across Middle TN. The Storm Prediction Center just released a statement saying the storms are expected to weaken as they encounter the less unstable environment of the plateau. Nevertheless, we need to be weather-aware as this intense line of storms comes onto the plateau.

Damaging straight-line winds, especially from storms that may be weakening (collapsing updrafts), are the main threat. An isolated tornado is still not out of the question, though that possibility is quite low.

Tennessee has been very fortunate today when it comes to tornadoes. As of right now, there hasn’t been a single report made to the Storm Prediction Center of a tornado in Tennessee. That’s not to say there hasn’t been one necessarily, but it’s not been anything too devastating if there has been one.

Know where your safe place is and be ready to get there, just in case a warning is issued for our area.

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