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ISS Flyover at 9:01

Sorry for the late notice, but the International Space Station will fly over at 9:01 and sky conditions are perfect! Plus, the weather is perfect, too! Look for that bright “star” sailing across the sky. Remember, the station doesn’t blink, so if you see something blinking that’s not it! ha It looks like a really bright star.

Visible: 5 min

Max Height: 50°

Appears: 10° above NW, Disappears: 20° above ESE

The current crew is pictured below.

2 thoughts on “ISS Flyover at 9:01

  1. Was barely visible for the haze over Jamestown, but thanks for the tip.

    1. Hopefully next time skies will be clearer for you to see! I’ll keep you all posted on future sightings.

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