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Wednesday Afternoon Wx Update

The radar is clear for now but that could change at any moment. However, the latest data shows that, while we are certainly hot and humid, instability is a bit lacking this afternoon. That could easily change overnight, as a “cold” front makes its way toward our region. That front should spark off some showers and storms. Some of those storms could be on the strong side.

The weatherTAP radar image at 1:40 looks quite for our neck of the woods. The highlighted counties to our west are highlighted for heat advisories. Be glad we’re on this plateau!

The Storm Prediction Center continues to highlight our area in the marginal risk, which is the lowest (level 1) of the five severe weather risk categories, for severe storms for today and tonight. Damaging winds are the main threat with any storm. Notice the slight risk (level 2) is to our northwest. The cold front is expected to be more active in that region.

If you have outdoor plans today just keep an eye on the sky and an eye on the radar. Also, keep in mind that I will not be posting on Facebook, as my account is currently disabled. They claim I shared tornado video without permission, even though I did have permission. ha Crazy Facebook.

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You all take care!

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