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Friday Night Wx Update

Good Friday evening, everyone! Temps are still relatively mild across the plateau, but colder temps are on the way! That colder air is filtering into West TN at this hour and will soon begin spilling into Middle TN. Another batch of moisture is developing across Louisiana at this hour and that will move our way later tonight. Temps will hover just above freezing later tonight, so while snow flakes will likely mix in with the rain, it shouldn’t be able to accumulate. The current radar shows our next round of precip in Louisiana. That precip is moving northeast toward us. We should see at least another 1/4 inch of rain from that. I’ve collected 1.48 inches in my rain gage from last night and today’s rain.

That rain/snow mix may stay with us throughout the morning hours. As even colder air moves in Saturday night, snow flurries will likely fall across the plateau. Little to no accumulaton is expected with that activity.

There are no winter weather advisories in effect for our area through Saturday morning and none are expected. Again, temps should stay above freezing through the morning and much of our day Saturday.

Pictured below is the weather map for Saturday morning. The colder air will arrive sooner to our west, giving areas just west of Nashville a better chance for light snow.

Pictured below is a radar model of what the radar may look like in the morning. The model begins at 3:00 a.m. and ends at 11:00 a.m., in our one-hour increments. I think the model should show more of a rain/snow mix on us, but that’s all I would change.

You all have a good evening. I’ll update, as needed, over the weekend. Just make sure you’re ready for the cold temps coming Saturday and Sunday night.

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