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Monday Night Special Wx Update

Weather Aware Times

Tuesday Night & Wednesday

The trend for high winds Tuesday night and Wednesday continues. It now looks like we could have wind gusts to 55 mph. Some guidance is even suggesting 60 mph wind gusts. These winds will likely cause disruptions to power across the plateau. Saturated grounds could easily cause shallow-rooted trees to fall. These winds will likely be the strongest we’ve seen this season. Make sure all loose objects outside are secured.

Wednesday Night & Thursday

Light snow continues to look likely Wednesday night and Thursday from another northwest flow snow event. Like other northwest flow events we’ve seen this season, the greatest risk for accumulation will be on the western edge of the plateau. Amounts look light, but it only takes a little snow to cause some big travel troubles.

Snow Forecast

This continues to look like a light event, but I will monitor closely. Stay tuned for updates!

Snow Day Forecast

Once again, a snow day will likely hinge on what Mayland – Monterey – western Fentress County gets as to whether schools on the plateau will get a snow day. My thoughts remain unchanged at 50%.

GFS Forecast Snowfall Model

This is one model forecast for possible snowfall accumulation. Most models continue to show northwest flow snow for our area on Wednesday night and Thursday. As I’ve said before, these events are tough to forecast and they are very dependent on how much moisture remains in the atmosphere as colder, drier works moves in. Nevertheless, we often get at least some light snow from these events, as we’ve already seen several times this season.

Thsi model runs begins Thursday evening at 6:00 pm and ends at 6:00 am Friday morning. Notice how the western sides of the plateau are favored.


Just a heads up….models are showing some wild snow totals on us over the next few weeks. As you know, the models will change but not before they are shared for clicks and likes on social media. When I believe we’ll get a big snow you’ll be the first to know! (ha) If you want hype from fake data, I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere. I prepare you for the realistic threats, which keeps me busy enough! (HA!) Beware of posts with bad grammar and letters typed out in all caps. Those are always red flags. Just sayin’. (LOL)

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