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MM’s Thurs Wx Forecast

Forecast issued Thursday, January 26, 2023

For snow showers

Weather Aware Times


Snow showers are likely today across the plateau. Some light accumulation is possible with this activity.

Five-Day Outlook 

MM’s Wx Vlog

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Weather Summary

Scattered snow showers will be with us through the morning hours and could even linger into the afternoon hours. Accumulation looks light and mainly on grassy areas, owing mostly to our marginal temps for snow. For the sake of roads, we can be thankful that we were mild yesterday and that temps are hovering in the lower 30s. Just a couple degrees colder or so and we’d be looking at very slick roads today. Still, there are slick spots out there and I do advise everyone be cautious, especially if you’re driving when one of these snow showers is moving through.

Moving on…

Our next storm system arrives late Saturday night. This system looks liquid and will bring a windy and rainy day to the area on Sunday. That system moves out on Sunday night and leaves us with clouds and mild temps for Monday.

The forecast beyond Monday is, admittedly, quite challenging and could bring a variety of temps and precip types to the region next week. Stay tuned.

Hourly Temp & Precip Forecast

This is hourly weather from 9:00 a.m. to midnight today.

Model Data

This model runs from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and shows scattered snow showers with us throughout the day.

Weather Statistics

For the period of midnight to midnight.

On This Day

1832- The Sparta Recorder and Law Journal reports that a cold snap drops temperatures to -18 degrees at Sparta, -26 degrees at McMinnville, and -18 degrees at Nashville. (The official all-time record low at Nashville is -17.)

1972 – Serbian air stewardess Vesna Vulovic survives 33,330 foot fall without parachute – world’s highest fall without a parachute.


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