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MM’s Monday 5-Day

Weather forecast issued Monday, August 28, 2023

MM’s Local Weather Concerns:

Heavy Rainfall: Slow moving showers and storms could lead to localized areas of flash flooding today. Be safe if out and about. Severe storms are not expected.

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MM’s 5-Day Forecast

Yesterday’s Weather Statistics

Radar-Estimated Rainfall from Yesterday

On This Day

1898 – Torrents of rain accompanied by a furious wind upset the rain gage at Fort Mohave, Arizona. However, water in a wash tub set out on the mesa, clear of everything, measured eight inches after the 45-minute storm.

1959 – Lieutenant Colonel William Rankin bailed out of his plane at a height of 46,000 feet into a violent thunderstorm and lived to write about the 45-minute journey (which normally would have been a thirteen-minute descent). He described it as one of the most bizarre and painful experiences imaginable. 


Tropical Storm Idalia will likely become Hurricane Idalia today. The storm is now forecast to become a major hurricane before landfall on the west coast of Florida. Right now, it looks like it will make landfall between Tampa and Panama City, but that could change. The first map on the graphic below is the storm surge map. Storm surge often causes more damage than anything else in a hurricane. Areas in the threat for that surge will hopefully take precautions.

The second map shows the track. The storm is expected to stay far enough south to keep us from getting any impacts here on the plateau.

Hurricane Franklin is now the first “major” hurricane of the 2023 season, which means winds are now at or greater than 115 mph. That storm will thankfully stay out to sea. It is beautiful on satellite this morning!

Emergency Services

I’m so proud to be contracted with Crossville City Fire to provide critical weather support for emergency services!

Have a great day and keep lookin’ up!

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